A Same Day Dentist Describes the Time Saved by Using CEREC Restorations

Posted on: March 17, 2016


As a same day dentist office, we can restore your damaged teeth in one visit to our Laguna Niguel, CA dental office. When you need a restorative dentist in the 92677 area, call (949) 360-4241 and schedule an appointment with Laguna Dental. We can get you in and out quickly, so you can return to your life and jam-packed schedule. This is something only a CEREC dentist can offer.

You Will Save Time by Visiting a CEREC Dentist

As a same day dentist office, we can correct a tooth that is cracked, chipped, or missing a portion of the enamel within two hours. This would have been impossible previously, and it still is for dentists who are not using new technology. Fortunately, we are. In 2006, we upgraded to CEREC technology. This allows us to take a digital image of the tooth in question and upload it to our computer software, which creates a 3D rendering and blueprint of the tooth and new restoration. That information is then used by our computer-aided milling machine. Similar to 3D printing technology, the restoration is produced while you wait. This takes what used to be a two-appointment process and turns it into a two hour one.

Why will I save so much time?

It really comes down to cutting out the middle man (dental lab). Typically, the dental lab has to create your restoration using an impression and measurements of your tooth. This can take two weeks. Since we can produce your restoration in-office, this is completely unnecessary.

Why a Laguna Niguel Restorative Dentist Uses CEREC Technology

At Laguna Dental, we appreciate how much more convenient it is for our patients to have their teeth restored in one visit. This is especially helpful when it comes to restorations, because if a patient comes in with a chipped or cracked tooth, they will naturally be experiencing discomfort. With the traditional method of restorations, the tooth would be prepared and a temporary crown placed while a permanent one was created in a dental lab. Since temporaries can become loose and are inconvenient, this makes an uncomfortable situation even more inconvenient. As a CEREC dentist, we can skip this step completely. Patients can come in with a damaged tooth and leave with a fully restored one — no hassle and no mess.

A Sam Day Dentist Can Give You a Smile Makeover

If you want to improve your smile, we can do so in one visit, thanks to our CEREC technology. A full anterior cosmetic makeover is something people throughout Laguna Niguel, CA have been visiting our office for. When time is of the essence due to an upcoming event, job interview, family photos, etc., this is the fastest way to complete a smile makeover. Rather than needing to plan a month or more in advance, you can schedule an appointment with our 92677 CEREC dentist office and have a beautiful smile just in time for your next big event. All you have to do is call (949) 360-4241 and schedule an appointment with Laguna Dental.