An Implant Dentist Describes Dental CT Imaging

Posted on: March 17, 2016


At Laguna Dental, we use dental CTI Imaging, also known as a dental CT scan, to see what is really happening inside your mouth. When it comes to replacing teeth, we want to work with the best and most comprehensive set of information. In this case, the information we need is in picture form. While many dentists still rely on x-rays or 2D images, we prefer to see the entire picture, and thanks to our 3D technology, we can. If you live in Laguna Niguel, CA and are considering replacing your teeth with dental implants, we encourage you to visit an implant dentist who uses improved imaging technology. By visiting our 92677 dental office, you will gain the benefit of working with a dentist who can capture a 3D and realistic image of what is happening with your jaw and remaining teeth.

A Dental CT Scan Produces Precise Images

When it comes to replacing teeth with dental implants, every millimeter matters. The implants themselves are incredibly small and so is the area we have to work with. This makes it critical for an implant dentist to have a crystal clear image or roadmap with which to work. By producing 3D images with extreme detail, dental CTI imaging enhances our diagnostic abilities and therefore, treatment success.

As we are an implant dentist who describes dental CT imaging, most patients are surprised to learn that they do not need to do any additional work. With diagnostics, people have become accustomed to the process being rather cumbersome both prior to and during the appointment. While this may be true with the rest of the body, when it comes to dentistry, capturing 3D images with a dental CT scan is actually fairly easy. All you have to do is visit our Laguna Niguel office, sit comfortably with your chin resting in a set position, and hold still while our scanner rotates around you, capturing clear 3D images. It is incredibly simple, and our 92677 patients appreciate that takes only seconds.

An Implant Dentist Describes the Benefits of Dental CTI Imaging

At Laguna Dental, we know that the better and clearer images we have, the more accurate the data we have to work with prior to conducting oral surgery. Since an implant is placed under the gums and secured to the jawbone, precision is critical for success. The detail of the images we capture allows us to make minor adjustments before starting the surgery. It also allows us to evaluate the bone density of our patients and identify if any other steps need to occur before the dental implants can be placed. Armed with these details, we can make a comprehensive and thorough treatment recommendation for all our Laguna Niguel patients.

Schedule a Consultation for a Dental CT Scan

To benefit from the latest in imaging technology, call (949) 360-4241 and schedule an appointment with Laguna Dental. Whether you have not yet been seen for dental implants or have been told you are not a good candidate for them, Dental CTI imaging can paint a clearer picture, and sometimes that information can give us the tools we need to provide you with options.