Why an Implant Dentist Uses Straumann Implants

Posted on: March 17, 2016


At Laguna Dental, Dr. Aldujaili is using cutting-edge technology when placing dental implants. Using the Straumann implants system, we are able to replace our patients' missing teeth in a way that further increases the likelihood of the procedure being successful and the implant functioning as well as a natural tooth would. As an implant dentist office, we use this Swiss implant system because it is truly the best in the industry. If you live in Laguna Niguel, CA or the 92677 area, we encourage you to call (949) 360-4241 and schedule an examination to find out how this system can benefit you directly.

A well-respected implant dentist, Dr. Aldujaili is a member of the ITI team of implantologists and has been since 2004. When replacing your missing teeth, the dentist who will perform your procedure will impact how efficiently your implants are placed and what the long-term outlook is for your prosthetic. This is why we encourage you to visit our dental clinic to discuss Straumann implants. Doing so can improve your oral health now and in the future.

Why Straumann Implants Are Better

We place Straumann implants in our Laguna Niguel dental office because the implant system is well-respected globally and has been used for over 30 years. They have a long-term survival rate of 98.8 percent, which is incredibly high. Our robust diagnostic tools and skills of our implant dentist make our success ratios even higher. Additionally, the materials used in Straumann implants help shorten the overall treatment time. There is also an option to have a titanium-zirconium alloy implant instead of a traditional titanium implant. While both are highly effective, the combination of titanium and zirconium make this implant ideal for anyone with limited bone density or narrow spaces in between teeth.

Improved Technology From an Implant Dentist

Laguna Dental acquired a 3D diagnostics (CBCT) from J Morita in 2012. As an implant dentist, this new technology allows us to have a higher degree of image clarity when diagnosing our patients. This makes it possible for us to determine what is happening with the jawbone and to make informed decisions during the diagnostic phase of treatment. With better information in hand, we are able to adjust how we complete the implant procedure before getting started. Patient recovery times and successes are increased as a result. If you live in Laguna Niguel, CA or the 92677 area and have been told that implants are not the right solution for you, call and schedule a consultation with our dental office. With more intensive imaging tools, we can provide you with a second opinion and information regarding what your options are. We are the only dental office in Southern California that offers this low radiation diagnostic tool, and not only does it give us a better look at what is going on, it also allows us to complete a virtual implant design and share it with you prior to the surgery.

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